What is the Income Tax Exemptions?

We all pay the tax directly or indirectly but we don’t claim exemption. But paying the income tax is different as compared to GST. One has to be aware of all the details which are related to the income tax. But mostly it happens that the rules and regulations are not known by all. Due to this reason, many employers deduct the taxes from the salaries and many advance taxpayers also commit this mistake.

The government has settled some parameters and figures for the tax payments. Before the tax one should know the latest rules and regulations. If the income of a salaried person is above the settled standard of FBR so he/she will be eligible. An eligible person must pay the tax. But if the person has income which is less than the prescribed standard of FBR so he can get exemption of income tax. He doesn’t have to pay the tax and if he has already paid in the previous years so he can also get an exemption. He can also claim for the adjustment of all the overpaid taxes for the next year.


For proving that you can claim exemption you should have followings:

Company Existence

NTN Number


Prof of Income

Proof that you can Claim Exemption



We offer several services:

  • Filing the tax exemption.
  • Helping in preparation of the application.
  • All the guidelines about the process.


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