Filing of With Holding Statements

What isĀ the Filing of With Holding Statements?

The filing of withholding statements comes to matter to many of us. All the departments and sectors have to get into tax matters. If any business comes with the tax so the tax returns must also be filed. The same goes for the filing of withholding statements as well. So these important matters require the attention of all of us. Understanding about the filing of the withholding statements is necessary before going to further discussion. Whenever an employer pays the salary to any of its employees so some of the amounts are withheld from his salary. This amount is cut down for the taxes. Or else it can be transformed as the tax deducted from his salaried income by the company/department wherever he is working.

Why should you file a withholding statement?

The government has defines some of the rules and regulations for the taxes. If someone finds out that his annual income is less than that of the income prescribed form the forms of the governments so he can redeem or file the tax returns too. He can submit the data about the filing of the withholding statements which were deducted from his employer. After having a complete look the Federal board of revenue can pay him back or else provide him tax shield for the upcoming time too. Only in case if the income of the person is not qualified for the tax deductions. Otherwise for record-keeping also it is advised to do filing of tax returns.


If you are going to file the withholding statement then you must bring the following documents with you:

Company Existence


Your Contact number and Name

Proof of Statements

Accounting Period

NTN Number



You can contact us in case of the following documents:

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