NTN Registration

What is NTN Registration?

NTN Registration is one of the crucial needs of all the businesses. Not only for businesses but other people are also in need of the NTN. It is a number that helps the government to identify a person. It is needed for dealing with taxation matters. Also, it can make a business legal and legitimate. Therefore, to sustain in the modern world NTN registration is the need of the hour.NTN registration is the CNIC number of the owner. It is a 13 digit NTN number which is allotted after the registration. When a person gets enrolled himself based on the e-enrollment for NTN. It can bring the facilitation for the businesses that they can bring the things settled easily. For tax filing and returns, NTN registration is essential. It makes a business eligible to ask for the returns even it can be filed online as well.

NTN registration makes a business legal. It gives priority when things are evaluated from the government side. It gives so many other perks and benefits as well. With the help of the NTN registration, a higher relief on transactions can also be obtained. Therefore, it is a prime concern of all the nationalists in almost every country.


This filing of return is required to be done on an annual basis. It can be a year when your organization established or else one year since you have submitted your previous returns. That is the bright side of the picture, which is accustomed when it comes to the annual filing of returns. It is imperative from the legal perspective, as well. If you want to carry out all of your organizational activities, so it is required to be done on an immediate basis.

Nationality Proof

Business Name and Place

Contact Number

Income Details

Accounting Period

Salary Slip in case of Individuals



We offer the following solutions:

  • Providing you a proper guideline for the pre-requisite of registration.
  • Providing state of the art assistance from the collection of documents to the filing of returns.


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