Preparation of Dissolution

What is the Preparation of Dissolution?

The preparation of dissolution comes when the partnership is going to be dissolved. As the development of the partnership registration is required, so the same is the dissolution. For dissolving the company, one needs to put all the things which are legally required. A partner is bound to submit all the documentation which is legally required when the firm is going to be dissolved. It is a complicated matter, and the need for experts is needed here.

There can be any reason for the dissolution of the partnership firm. Because it is a deep concern for all the partners. Some of the possible ways are given below:

  • The agreement may be completed.
  • The work has already been done.
  • One of the partners has died.
  • The company is planning for insolvency.
  • Someone is doing illegal business.
  • Any partner is not fulfilling the requirements.
  • Someone is asking his money or shares back.

Regarding dissolution, the firms need the closing of all accounts. All the accounts which are opened on the name of partners or firm, or else associated with the firm, should be closed. All the assets are dissolved if the company is going for insolvency. In the dissolution the following steps are required:

  • One has to inform all other partners and has to discuss this issue genuinely.
  • The agreement of the partnership should be appropriately checked.
  • All the accounts should be closed.
  • All the partners should get prior notice before the dissolution occurs.
  • The document of dissolution will be filed as well.


Company Existence

Business Name

The Document of Dissolution will be filed as well

Complete Particular include Evidences,Forms & Person Particular

All the accounts should be closed

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  • When all documents are complete then we submit the case in the Registrar office that partnership is disclosed.

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