Preparation of Partnership

What is the Preparation of Partnership?

Preparation of partnership is required when two or more people are going to form a firm. There are different types of firms or organizations which are existed in nature. The partnership is such a type of firm which includes two or more partners. For the preparation of the partnership, it is required that all the requirements are met clearly, and there is no vagueness in it.

Our firm can help you with the preparation of the partnership. We will guide you through the process. We will make sure that which should be the characteristics of the partners. What should be the background of the partners and how they have to make the things in order? Because all the partners have to take the measurements which are required for the preparation of the partnership.

Our team of experts is ready to fulfill all the requirements and willing to help you in this regard. We will lessen your burden by providing necessary information and partnership deeds according to companies’ ordinance.

All the data of the partners must be mentioned clearly. The net worth of both partners will also be required. Moreover, the percentage of the profit or loss will also be decided according to the shareholder’s wealth. The amount in which someone is going to invest as a partner will be decisive for the profit or loss matters.


Company Existence 

Business Name

Minimum Partners must be 2 Persons

Complete Particulars of Business must be Signed

Complete Particulars of Partners


 When all requirements are fulfilled then we provide:

  • Register the business from Firm Registrar.
  • After then National Tax Number (NTN) issued.


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