Income Tax Refund

What is Income Tax Refund?

Income tax refund concerns you in many ways. Even if you are working in a company or have your own business. You have to compromise so many things and also you have to look at all the sides. Deductions of taxes are the topmost concern when it comes to sacrifice your money at a job. Not just the employees in companies but also the owners have to pay the advanced taxes if they are not following the financial year.

If you have paid the tax which was not due on you so you are eligible to apply for the refunding. It can be applied easily by contacting the Federal board of Revenue. You are only eligible for the income tax return if you have paid the tax more than your taxable income. It will be either refunded or adjusted to your New Year tax exemption. You are only eligible for the income tax refund if you have paid the tax through the IRIS system of FBR. The taxes paid physically without online access doesn’t provide you ground for an income tax refund.


When you are filing the refund for the income tax then you should have the following documents:

Company Existence

Income Proof

Proof that You have Paid Above

Your NTN Number


Any other Supportive Documents that can make your Case Strong



We will offer the following:

  • We will offer a full assessment of your eligibility.
  • Guideline for the process of filing a refund application.

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