Transfer of Shares

What is the Transfer of Shares?

Transfer of shares is dealt with when it comes to the companies that are listed in the stock exchange. All those companies whose shares are available in the stock exchange can be bought or sold. It is one of the significant concerns, and it is the desire of many people as well. The term transfer of shares means the sharing of the right from the stakeholder to the person who is buying the shares.

In the process of transfer of shares, the title of the percentages is transferred from the name of the stakeholder to the new buyer. It is done with the help of the third party or the agents that are dealing with the stock exchange shares. We are one of the significant concerns that are an expert in selling and transferring shares. We make it a better way that can give you out a profitable deal.


Company Existence

Business Name

Transferor and Transferee for Transfer of Shares.

Different Forms Signed for the Transfer of Shares.

Filing Fee Challan according to the Capital of the Company.

  • When requirements fulfill then we submit it in SECP. (Security Exchange & Commission of Pakistan)

It required the preparation of the deed. Then it is submitted to the company which is concerned. The process should be completed, and the transferor and transferee must complete the data. If the company finds that everything is in order, so it is singed otherwise rejected. Our team of experts is ready to help you out in this regard at a fast pace.

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