Filing of Income Tax Returns

What is the Filing of Income Tax Return?

Income tax filing of returns is the backbone of many businesses. It is the most crucial element when it comes to tax shielding. For acquiring the tax benefits a business must file the income tax returns. It allows businesses to get benefits that can shape their budgeting. It is also a kind of profit in some of the deep terms. In the income tax filing of returns, a document is filed to the taxation authority. Filing the documentation to the Federal Board of revenue comes in this aspect. In this regard, the filer shows detail about the expenses, earning and profit to the FBR> after that he also submits the tax with it. Sometimes the shield is also demanded based on the calculation. Moreover, if you have overpaid tax so rebates can also be asked with the filing of returns. It is essential to submit income tax returns annually.

The procedure of income tax filing of returns:

For Income tax filing of returns, a person is required to visit the website of the FBR. After that, he has to login to the IRIS portal from there. He is required to enter the login ID and password. If you are a new user then firstly you have to get enrolled by clicking on the E-Enrollment. Here you can enter all the details.


Following are some general Requirements but can vary depending on different types of businesses:

Company Existence

Business Name

Proof of your Income

Proof of your Expenses

Having an NTN Number or Registration Number is a Value-Added Aspect



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