Sales Tax Return Filing

What is the Sales Tax Return Filing?

The first thing that every Sales Tax Registered person needs to know is that he has to file for Sales Tax Return Filing as well. The main reason for Sales Tax Return Filing is to keep a track of all the payments done on the name of Sales Tax and to find out that when he is liable to pay Sales Tax. Furthermore, Filing for this Sales Tax Return is also necessary to set a limit for Output and Input tax, and define the period for which he is going to pay the sales tax. And also Filing for this Sales Tax Return is beneficial for the payer, because just in case if the Input tax goes up than the set amount compared to output tax. Then the payer can also claim for his refund on the behalf of his Sales Tax Return Filing. Moreover, it is not necessary for the payer to file for different sectors separately, but instead, he can submit a single for all the sectors he is dealing with combined.

Just in case you were unable to File for Sales Tax Return Filing during the set period, then there is nothing to worry about. Because you can file it again as well after getting the approval from Commissioner Inland Revenue. Currently, there are four different types of Sales Tax Return that includes Quarterly Return, Monthly Return, Final Return, and Annual Return. And in the last, you need to be really careful while filing for Sales Tax Return, but just in case if there is an error in filing then you can File for Revised Sales Tax Return as well during four months after filing in the first place.


Company Existence

Business Name

Total Tax Period

Input Tax Limit

Output Tax Limit

Revised Sales Tax Return Filing (in case of any error)

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